Bulk Logistics

Our dedicated bulk specialist team can provide be-spoke bulk services for all food and chemical grade products throughout Europe. We provide specialist services throughout Europe for:

• Food Grade - Liquid Bulk / Dry Bulk
• Chemical- Liquid Bulk (Haz / Non Haz) / Dry Bulk (Haz / Non Haz)
• Gas Tanks
• Flexi-tanks (bag in a box)

Our current fleet consists of:

• 27,000litre, 20ft chemical tanks
• 31,000litre, 23ft food grade tanks
• 35,000litre, 26ft food grade tanks
• 20,000litre, 20ft rubber-lined, top discharge tanks
• 16,000-24,000litre, 20ft non-haz liquid flexitanks (3” bottom load valves)
• 25,000 litre 20’ beer tanks
• 30,000 litre beer road barrels

Please feel free to contact us at any stage


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